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Learn to create a standout email welcome automation.

Make deeper connections with new subscribers faster and showcase your awesomeness!

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Create a standout welcome sequence

Course launch: June 2020.

Let me show you how to make an attention-grabbing first impression.

I'll help you to uncover exactly how much value you have to offer + give you easy-to-follow email sequence recipes to tailor for your business.

What you'll learn in a nutshell

6 benefits for welcoming new subscribers to your email list.

Get access to my recipes for service and e-commerce businesses.

5 best practices to use when creating your welcome sequence.

Use my copy swipe files to help write your email faster while still using your own voice.

9 essentials every welcome sequence should include.

How to build your sequence in a private 30 minute tech session with me.


Want to make a great first impression but not sure how?

Make a great first impression

You've done the hard yards by setting up your business to serve your ideal customer, BUT now you're hesitant about how to make a great first impression after they sign up to your email list. It's surprisingly easier than you think!

  • By welcoming them in the right way you can create deeper and long-lasting relationships.
  • By showing them your expertise you can position yourself as their 'go-to' expert.
  • By providing value you can set up an offer they can't refuse.


About this course...

This is not a complicated, drawn-out course. It's designed to be easy-to-follow, simple to understand and to show you how to fast track your way to creating a standout welcome sequence.

You won't be sitting there for hours wading your way through stuff you don't need to know. Instead, you'll be able to plug into exactly what you need to set up your subscribers (aka. future customers) to buy from you AND become raving fans.

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This value packed course includes: 

  • 5 modules to step you through the entire process.
  • Downloads AND videos to explain each lesson.
  • Done-for-you welcome sequence recipes to tailor for your business.
  • Submit for review your email copy drafts to me.
  • Daily email support from me.
  • Private 30 minute 1:1 tech session to build your automation.

What my clients say...

"I love the way Tamsin shares the why behind everything she’s doing, answers my many questions along the way, and works with you
to deliver the best outcome."
- Sally G, Pure Bundle

"Tamsin is excellent at what she does and I highly recommend her to any small business owner looking to improve their email marketing."
- Jessica O, Marketing Coach

"I’ve wasted so many days trying to do what you did in an hour. Thank you! So grateful for your help!"
- Samantha E, Just In Hot Water

About me: your host, training buddy and email mum!

Hi, I'm Tamsin! (Don't mind the awkward photo. This is what happens when a pandemic puts your branding photoshoot on hold!)

Since I started The Email Marketing Mum I‘ve worked with 22 amazing clients to put their email marketing programs on the path to success.

And now I've wrapped up all of that 'doing' into powerful bite-sized courses that are easy-to-follow and designed to help you fast track your email goals!

Once you understand email marketing through my courses, you'll have the confidence to create deeper connections with your subscribers and ultimately have greater control over generating income.

In truth, there is no one-size-fits-all email solution for every small business, and that's why my aim is to give you only what you need to know so you can apply it to your own strategy. I always deliver my courses in plain English and easy-to-implement lessons.